#1 Recommended Day Trip Outside Prague

One of the greatest things about the Czech Republic, in my opinion, is that there is no single city or area with a monopoly on the amazing sights, activities, food and drink, history, and culture. The countryside is absolutely saturated with amazing areas to visit that cater to practically any variety of preferences or demands. It’s more than worth it to escape the capital and beaten path sights to visit some of these hidden and often overlooked gems away from the crowds.

Here I will share my personal number one recommendation for a day trip outside the Czech capital. And the winner is:

Kutná Hora tower-597020_640

While Český Krumlov is certainly a match for Kutná Hora in history, sights, and charm, and a magnificent treasure of the Czech lands, I give the prize to Kutná Hora because its close proximity to Prague makes it more conducive to the needs of the time-limited traveller. It is small, compact, and easily accessible by public transport making it the perfect stop for anyone looking for a quick and convenient countryside history fix.

Boasting sights unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else in the world, Kutná Hora is not only worthwhile but a must for travellers who love the small, quaint town scene. A UNESCO world heritage town since 1995, Kutná Hora certainly lives up to the repute of such a title. There is no shortage of historic sights. Once the economic powerhouse of central Europe with the richest silver deposits in the continent, Kutná Hora became a  rival for the title of Capital of the Czech lands and attempted to compete with Prague in grandeur and extravagance.

Though long past, the golden age of Kutna Hora is visible now in its churches, historic town center, Hradec Silver Museum, open mineshaft, Jesuit College, Charles Bridge, and opulent baroque sculpture scene. Though all these things are enough to make a worthy trip in themselves, they are overshadowed by Kutná Hora’s two main attractions: the unrivaled macabre artistry of the Sedlec Ossuary and the ominous magnificence of St. Barbara’s Cathedral.

My advice: on your next Czech trip, set aside one day, take your friends or family, and treat yourself either to a tour or a walk around with a guide booklet. Leave lunch behind and enjoy the cultural food experience of a local establishment. While I recommend a full day, this can be done in a half-day if the situation demands. Either way, Kutná Hora is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip, and an experience you’ll never forget.


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Author: Praguematism by JP

I'm an avid lover of Prague, here to share my expertise, lore, and experience in this city with travel enthusiasts and anyone looking to learn more about the weird/wonderful culture, sights, sounds, hidden gems, and main highlights of the Czech Capital.

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