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Hi, everyone. My name is John Paul Franke, JP to my friends, and I’ve been a tour guide in Prague for about 4 years now. I’m absolutely addicted to this city, the culture, sights, sounds, and the rich history. My career as a guide is a result of my true passion: performance. Coming from a theatre background, I love to put on a show for a crowd and entertain, inform, and amuse them with history, anecdotes, jokes, and witticisms that keep them laughing, lighthearted, and enthralled.

After making my guiding debut in a big franchise company, I decided to branch out in the hopes of starting something new and fresh. I am currently launching a new project focused on two things: First, providing tourists with the highest-quality historical infotainment; second, reinvesting into the community through a charitable cause. Thus I have launched my first-ever career-baby: Tour4Charity.

Charity has always been a part of the business world, especially in the upper-echelons and corporate circles. Businesses give to charity for many reasons: image, social responsibility, tax deductibility, and even the goodness of their hearts (and so do individuals), but the Tour4Charity concept focuses its entire business model on fundraising for charity.

We are starting with one tour- a three-hour journey through Prague’s historic center- and hope to soon expand our repertoire to perhaps half a dozen tours, each one contributing to our chosen beneficiary, the Chance 4 Children NGO.  With our model of smaller groups and friendly, personable guides comes adaptability, efficiency, relaxation, and informational depth that many of the bigger corporate franchises cannot provide.

Our first big clue that this concept is a winner and truly can work was when the Hilton Hotel chain in Prague picked up the idea and made it the key focus of their C.S.R (corporate social responsibility). As of now, we have 100% 5-star rating on TripAdvisor at 85 reviews, and the people who take the tour rave about the quality and concept. We are pushing forward to expand our reach and make touring for charity a popular concept, first in Prague and eventually world-wide.

I love my job. I love being active in the streets and being under the open sky. I love socializing, performing, entertaining, and storytelling with crowds of people; hearing them laugh at my jokes and react to my stories, and engaging in conversation on the way. If I have my way, this is what I’ll do for the rest of my life.

Wish us luck, and if you like our concept, join us on your next trip to Prague! Leave behind the loud unwieldy groups and come for a quiet, relaxed, entertaining trip that will not only show you the best the city has to offer but gives the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing directly to the local community and the future of disadvantaged and needy children country-wide.

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Author: Praguematism by JP

I'm an avid lover of Prague, here to share my expertise, lore, and experience in this city with travel enthusiasts and anyone looking to learn more about the weird/wonderful culture, sights, sounds, hidden gems, and main highlights of the Czech Capital.

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